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Hey there, I'm not your average boudoir photographer – think of me as your sidekick on a journey of self-expression and downright fabulousness! Behind the lens, my mission is to capture the real you – your strength, your sensuality, and that unbeatable authenticity that makes you a total knockout. As your go-to boudoir enthusiast, I'm all about creating a vibe where you can kick back, be yourself, and let your unique spark shine. Embrace your quirks, flaunt your individuality, and let's turn your allure into a visual masterpiece. Get ready to feel amazing and look amazing! Let's make these photos FIRE!

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Hi I'm Sierra

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Feeling comfortable is so important especially with the person behind the camera. I love to help women feel empowered and come out of their shell. I'm there to take amazing photos because as women we are the ART!

I want you as my Boudoir Photographer!!!

Boudoir Options

Boudoir Photographers Los Angeles

Early Morning Beach Session for 45 minutes

Wear what you want or take it off for 1.5 Hours

In the Studio

for 1 hour

Dare to be bold. We wake up at 5am to be at the beach by 6am. The sun-kissed sands and waves become the canvas for your confidence. (No Studio Fee)

*MOST POPULAR* A private studio where we can shoot all the fun ideas you have in mind otherwise we have go-to poses for you! (Studio Fee - we choose the studio)

We can make sure your outfits are planned together in advance so you feel the most confident day of. Private studio and we will have go-to poses for you! (Studio Fee - Choose between our favorite studios)

I want you to be my Boudoir Photographer!!!








Love Notes

"I can't believe that is me! Absolutely thrilled with the empowering experience and stunning results! Sierra created a comfortable atmosphere, allowing my confidence to shine through in every captivating shot. Highly recommend for a transformative and empowering boudoir session!