August 1, 2021

El Matador Beach State Beach Elopement | Malibu Elopement Photographer | Steph + Demitrius

  There was not a single part about this day that wasn’t totally MAGICAL. These two completely alone, met me on the warm sands of El Matador at 5am to laugh, swear their vows, and to feel their love which is truly unexplainable. This love was so surreal that every word they spoke invoked connection and genuineness. Can you imagine just you and your partner running around wearing your hearts on your sleeves not a single care in the world just you two? If YES then let’s do exactly that it is your day whatever you envision for it is right!!!

Wedding Dress – @cocomelodyofficial
Suit – @suitfellas_losangeles
Florists – @bloomingann_
Bouquet – @frenchflorist
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