Hey there! I'm Sierra+ this is Jullian

Meet your Wedding Photographer and Videographer Duo

Dreamy Beach Photos
Pink Cowgirl Palm Springs

Let me start by saying this is all: true

I'm not a normal wedding photographer...

I'm a cool wedding photographer!

(and the best part?)

You can fully expect me to

gush over your juicy pinterest

mood-board finds,

for me to be your roadmap

to all things wedding,

and to help you pick out the perfect

wedding color palette.



to red

ready to reach out?

The One Where You Get Married



we have a good feeling about you

I'm Not...

A wall flower wedding videographer.

(That's not the whole story though)

You can fully expect me

to get down on the dance floor with

grandma helen,

make the wedding party laugh

and know how to

appreciate every moment.

Do you love to adventure?

you're our

we Actually also?

Obsessed With?

model and jullian produces music

sierra loves matcha

My Favorite thing is?

Nothing makes me happier than?

following our dreams

our pets

Started This Business?

favorite tv show?

stranger things, the office, anime

at the age of 20

favorite season?


Some stuff you need to know about us

our love story...

for you

Lovers, best friends, business partners (Sierra Dawn Photo x Youphoria Films) two halves that make a whole heart. Our love story began on tinder! Crazy right, I (Sierra) thought he (Jullian) was a catfish but turns out he was very real and little did I know we'd fall very in love! A love that is beautiful, kind, funny, magical, dreamy, understanding, fulfilling, with sparks. This human truly gives me the space to grow and honors every little idea and dream I have making sure he helps every one come true. Which is what love is all about right?

Together we have one rabbit (who is free roam) one snake, and one samoyed pup who we love very much! So yes, feel free to bring your pets to all sessions we love them!!! P.S. we love plants too.